Thursday, February 7, 2013

15 minutes and no make.up

I've got so much to do with a sick boy, a messy house, & family coming in tomorrow.  I just wanted to take a break & post an update to my thoughts regarding the "no make.up," "no mirror" week. a fitness instructor I guess I should've known the "no mirror" thing was impossible. :/
By the time I taught class I gave it some thought & decided that "no judgement" in the mirror would be  Drying my hair mirror.less was hard.  And I decided that I needed to smile at myself more often.  I smile while teaching, while interacting w most everyone in my life, so why do not smile at or about myself? 
I decided that last week taught me I need to do it more.  Also, I decided to remind myself that I do not have to wear any form of cosmetics, rather to do it when I feel like it might be appropriate (if I get an interview to a job I applied for, you can bet it'll be more than moisturizer & Dr. Bronner's peppermint chapstick. ;)
Yet, I don't want to feel/teach that make.up or curled hair or any "dressed up" thing has to do with my worth as a person.  I am more than my clothes.  I am more than my make.up.  I am more than my   I hope I convey love and compassion and so much more with my very being.  Many of the people I've befriended and found most "beautiful" through the years may not be magazine cover beautiful, but I think they are more amazing than that.  Seeing the light and life in a person exuding joy or feeling comfort from one radiating peace is worth more than any cosmetic covered beauty any day.  I hope I teach and become one with light and comfort rather than one concerned over my looks--physical appearance.  Peace and light to you, readers.
sans make.up, a little tired from staying up with a sick boy, but overall happy me :)

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Jessie said...

I think I put on mascara and a little eye shadow about twice a week - on a good week. And I've avoided mirrors forever. But that's kind of an unhealthy extreme in the other direction!
You're so awesome. I think you already exude light and peace. I too aspire to such things, but I have a LOOOONG way to go.
I have a little note on my bedroom wall that says "I am calm and balanced" (which I rarely am with 4 boys), and another that says: "I find joy in my children".
It's a process.

Thanks for the post!